Bluestone Trumps Brownstone at Newly Unveiled Tribeca Condo

In Lower Manhattan’s Tribeca and to be more specific on 12 Warren Street there is something interesting to see. If you look around in New York City you see a lot of huge glass façades being used whether it be for residential buildings or commercial buildings. It’s hip and trendy.

But now, even hippier then the glass walls is the use of hand-cut and roughly-hewn stones. Just imagine that every brick or stone is cut out by hand by a craftsman into a real masterpiece and then hand-laid to build the façade of this new building. In the old days it was widely used for luxury buildings as you can see them in historic districts.

They used Bluestone for this building and developer-designer DDG’s 12 Warren is responsible for this remarkable choice. Bluestone is known for its raw beauty and uneven stacking and the DDG’s design team used it intentionally this way as opposed for the perfectly polished variation of it.

They even opted to use the “push and pull” variation of layering the stones to create its “carved from stone” appearance. Just beautiful!

The elegant lobby door, made of Austrian white oak completes the façade and a fine artisanal note was made by using board-form concrete on the marquee connecting back to lobby ceiling.

All in all it makes a very interesting and design- sophisticated building in New York City as shown below in the picture gallery. Click on the image to see the larger size.

Ton Peelen

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