Exquisite Asian Style Villa That Merges Indoor with Outdoor

MillionDollarVillas.com is sharing an inside look with you in this exquisite Asian style luxury villa situated in Florida, USA. No expenses were spared to complete this wonderful project and you can see the stunning results in the pictures and additional gallery below.

Lushful Gardens – Photo by B. Pila Design

Imagine you are an empty nest couple and you finally have the time and money to have your new home designed and built exactly the way you want it with the lifestyle you desire. Next thing to do is to start the process to accomplish the project.

Photo by B. Pila Design

These homeowners did exactly that. In order to live the luxury lifestyle they intended on living they needed a property that was designed and built based on ‘thinking outside the box’. They wanted something new and not of conventional design. Something based on their lifestyle of enjoying each other and to make time for the passions they each desire so much.

Photo by B. Pila Design

The amazing and beautiful result is a Balinese-inspired 5,000 square foot (464,5m2) home. Based on a multi-living concept it comes with 3 large bedrooms (one bedroom for hosting family and the other bedroom as maid’s quarters), large glass Nano folding doors to merge inside and outside living spaces seamlessly and Peruvian travertine flooring without.. It turned out in a fantastic luxury residence as you can see in the photographs.

Photo by B. Pila Design

The outside living area is almost just as big as the inside living area. Designed with al-fresco living rooms and a large gazebo for entertainment purposes. The property features high quality amenities that will give you the same level of comfort as if you were residing inside the living area.

Photo by B. Pila Design

The homeowners love for colors gave the property a somewhat “dark modern” touch that compliments the exclusive and custom designed pieces and furnishings.

Photo by B. Pila Design

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